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We are an independent charity and What Works Centre which champions and supports the use of effective early intervention for children with signals of risk.


The Guidebook provides information about early intervention programmes that have been evaluated and shown to improve outcomes for children and young people. Now includes 50+ programmes, all assessed by EIF, with updated evidence ratings, new cost ratings and information on implementation and the evidence base.


Improving the effectiveness of the child protection system: Overview

This important work highlights the gap between what the evidence says can work in child protection, and what is actually being delivered by the UK child protection system. Based on five new research papers, this overview report identifies priority actions for helping to close this gap and ensure child protection work is evidence-based…

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The cost of late intervention: EIF analysis 2016

Our updated analysis shows that late intervention for children and young people costs nearly £17 billion a year across England and Wales…

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Foundations for Life: What Works to Support Parent Child Interaction in the Early Years

This groundbreaking assessment of 75 early intervention programmes for improving child outcomes through positive parent child interactions in the early years covers interventions aimed at attachment, behaviour and cognitive development…

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National Conference 2017

Check out all the highlights from EIF National Conference 2017, the landmark event for the UK early intervention community …

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Search our interactive library of early intervention programmes and learn about good evidence of impact.


“We will do everything we can to help anybody, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you.”            

    Statement from the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, 13 July