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We are an independent charity and What Works Centre which champions and supports the use of effective early intervention for children with signals of risk.


Inter-Parental Relationships

EIF has explored the role of the relationship between parents (regardless of whether they are together or separated) in positive parenting and outcomes for children. Our work suggests that family relationships are crucial to healthy child development and children’s life chances…

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Social and Emotional Learning: Skills for life and work

This review, completed in partnership with UCL Institute of Education, University of Galway & ResearchAbility, bolsters the evidence on the strong links between social and emotional skills in children and how they fare as adults…

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The Best Start at Home

A report on what works to improve the quality of parent child interactions from conception to age 5. The report was written by researchers at the Dartington Social Research Unit, University of Warwick and Coventry…

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Preventing Gang and Youth Violence

EIF has been working in partnership with the Home Office to produce this research which aims to help local areas make more informed decisions about how best to identify those children and young people who may be at risk of involvement in gangs or youth violence…

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“Families where there are healthy and strong relationships are the foundation from which children can be supported to step up and grasp those life opportunities…” Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Work & Pensions