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9 March 2017

Tom McBride on poverty, child behaviour and school attainment: "The link between poverty and poor educational outcomes is well established. What is crucial is to understand the mechanisms via which the experience of poverty increases the likelihood of achieving poorly at school – not least because these suggest some ways forward for policymakers who are committed to improving social mobility."

3 March 2017

Stephanie Waddell, on EIF's new partnership with West Yorkshire Police: "This work gives us an opportunity to move beyond the consensus that early intervention is a good thing for the police, towards the next phase – defining exactly what the police role in early intervention looks like."

28 February 2017

Kirsten Asmussen, EIF evidence analyst and co-author of Foundations for Life, answers key questions from professionals about innovation, commissioning decisions and workforce qualifications.

20 February 2017

Carey Oppenheim: "It is with a mixture of sadness and some trepidation that I will be leaving EIF in the summer, once we have a new chief executive in place. Meanwhile, it is business as usual."

30 November 2016

Emma Hart of the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing reflects on how local decision-makers - such as EIF Places participants - can overcome the barriers to good information sharing.

24 November 2016

New EIF director of evidence Tom McBride reflects on the evolution he has seen in the role of evidence in Whitehall policy-making, and its critical role for a civil service bracing itself for the demands of Brexit.

26 October 2016

Carey Oppenheim outlines five key lessons from the evaluation of the Troubled Families programme, focusing on the importance of evaluation, evidence sharing, a learning culture in policymaking, payment by results and spotting risks early.

21 October 2016

Daniel Acquah, Evidence Analyst at EIF, shares his thoughts on transparency and trust when building relationships.

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