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8 August 2018

Will Teager (EIF) and Sara Bonetti (EPI) summarise the latest research on 'what matters' in determining the quality of early years educational provision, looking at both structural elements, like teacher training and class size, and process issues, such as children's day-to-day experience and the types of interaction between teachers, children and parents.

8 August 2018

Tom McBride and Julie Bélanger set out how a new review of the evidence on early years pedagogy and practice provides vital context for government initiatives to tackle the effects of childhood disadvantage and boost social mobility.

19 July 2018

Lucy Brims reflects on the hackathon approach to generating new ideas to support children and young people, and how innovation and evidence can work together to ensure new interventions stand the best chance of being effective.

4 July 2018

Donna Molloy reflects on the Children's Commissioner's new report into childhood vulnerability, and spotlights some of the forms of early intervention, such as social & emotional learning and parenting support, which have a crucial role to play in addressing the issue.

3 July 2018

Tom McBride reflects on the importance of and challenges facing long-term ‘invest to save’ spending within government – nationally and locally – prompted by new recommendations from the Mental Health Policy Commission.

29 June 2018

Kirsten Asmussen: The evidence is clear that children often suffer enormously when their parents misuse drugs and alcohol. Given the negative impact parental substance misuse has on children, the lack of evidence involving interventions for parents who misuse drugs and alcohol represents a serious gap in the evidence base.

28 June 2018

Jo Casebourne and PHE Chief Nurse Viv Bennett reflect on the new EIF report updating the evidence for maternity and postnatal support.

18 June 2018

Writing for Children & Young People Now, Kirsten Asmussen summarises some of the key lessons from our upcoming report on early childhood development for parents and services looking to support children's early language skills.

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