A call out to our policing colleagues: see you at conference

21 April 2017

By Stephanie Waddell, Dissemination Lead for High Risk Children and Young People, EIF

Policing is changing. Increasingly, it is not just about patrolling crime hotspots and arresting people, but also about tackling vulnerability: risky behaviours, mental health, family violence and abuse. Tackling these issues is all about effective partnership and multi-agency working.

We’ve learned from our work on early intervention and policing that the police are acting as increasingly influential public service leaders. Up and down the country, senior police and PCCs are bringing together partners and asking how can we integrate, collaborate and work differently. The aim? To shift resources upstream to ensure that vulnerable individuals and families get the support they need at the earliest point. This is about working together to improve lives, so that the police don’t end up going back to the same addresses time and again to pick up the pieces after things have become intractably difficult.

This is why, while the Early Intervention Foundation national conference may not seem like a central event in the annual policing calendar, we’d love to see more of you there.

This full-day event, on 11 May in central London, is highly relevant to the current opportunities and challenges facing you in policing, and brings together a fantastic set of delegates from local government, academia, central government and the voluntary and community sector. In our breakout sessions, we’ll be talking with national experts about the signals of risk that can help us to identify the most vulnerable children and respond to their needs at the earliest opportunity. We’ll be discussing service integration, and asking our panel and delegates the difficult questions about whether this is the right, most cost-effective route to better early intervention. And we’ll be sharing our latest evidence on the importance of inter-parental relationships to children’s outcomes, and thinking about how local services can best support parents.

For more information, you can review the full agenda and book your place. We hope to see you there.