Call for examples: where is early intervention delivering results?

This is one of the questions we get asked most often at the Early Intervention Foundation – where has early intervention had a demonstrable impact on the lives of children and families, and how can we learn from those places that have done it well?

To help answer this question, and support more places to invest, innovate and improve their local early intervention offer, EIF is developing an ‘early intervention impact map’. This new interactive online tool will allow the early intervention community to showcase examples of change and innovation leading to a positive impact on outcomes for children or service efficiencies. To start us off, we are issuing a call for examples from local places across the UK – we would love to hear about the early intervention changes you’ve made, and how they’ve been shown to be effective.

For us, effective early intervention means early intervention that has been tested and found to have impact. Our impact map will present case studies of local change where a formal evaluation process has identified positive outcomes, or where this kind of evaluation is built into your plans already.

  • What did you do? We’re interested in innovation and change from the comparatively small-scale, such as introducing a new programme for a specific target group or making a particular change to your workforce or service offer, through to the very large, such as wholesale reform of your local early intervention system.
  • What have you achieved? Positive outcomes could mean improved outcomes for the health, wellbeing and life prospects of children and families, and/or improved service efficiencies and cost savings.

If you are interested in contributing your area’s story – and that crucial evaluation is in place – then please contact EIF by email, at One of our team will be back in touch to find out more and gather the crucial details. If your local area is being creative about early intervention, and building evidence about its impact, then we want to share your story.

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Where is early intervention delivering results?