Call to Government

Our recent report shows that the state spends nearly £17 billion per year on addressing the damaging problems that affect children and young people such as mental health problems, going into care, unemployment and youth crime.

In order to reduce this cost, as well as the far more substantial suffering and wasted potential that it represents, early intervention is more crucial than ever. We are seeking to catalyse a change in culture and practice nationally and locally to move from late to early intervention.

The Early Intervention Foundation is calling on the new Government to make a commitment to:

Greater use of Early Intervention

Use more effective early intervention for children and young people to reduce the cost of late intervention by 10 per cent – £1.7 billion – by 2020.

The creation of an Early Intervention fund

Create a dedicated and ring-fenced Early Intervention Investment Fund drawn from inefficient public spending and private sector capital such as social investment for the life-time of the next Parliament to catalyse and test innovation.

The money would be awarded to councils, healthcare providers, schools, voluntary groups and other organisations with ambitious plans to redesign local services around effective early intervention.

Early Intervention as a key theme for the budget and spending review

Make prevention and early intervention a key theme of the first Budget and Spending Review by finding out what is being spent on early intervention, how it is being used, and how it helps children and families.

Only then can we start to shift resources into earlier and more effective support.


Watch the Secretary of State for Education deliver a Keynote speech focussing on mental health and what the Government are doing to support Early Intervention. Read the transcript

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