Consultation on ‘Spending on Late Intervention’

Our estimate of Late Intervention spend is produced by calculating how much is spent each year in England and Wales on dealing with the following issues. More detailed is available in the report.

  • School absence and exclusion
  • Child protection and safeguarding
  • Child injuries and mental health problems
  • Youth substance misuse
  • Youth economic inactivity
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour

The methods and findings contained in this report are not definitive. They are instead a first attempt to define and quantify spending on Late Intervention based on existing datasets, studies and pieces of analysis across a range of policy areas.

While these estimates are a significant contribution to knowledge in this area they can and will be improved, through refinement of the methodology and consultation with experts in relevant fields.

We intend to have improved estimates that HM Treasury and others can use to inform the next Spending Review.


  • Issues of scope and definition – which issues, social problems or areas of spending should be included additionally in the analysis and which issues that are currently included can be taken out
  • Issues regarding data quality – comments and views on the underlying local and statistics as set out in the technical report
  • Issues regarding costing approach – comments on views on the unit costs and financial amounts used in the analysis
  • Issues of presentation – comments and views on the report itself and how the findings are best communicated

If you would like to comment on these areas, please send your feedback to

We may not be able to respond to all feedback individually, but all comments are appreciated and will be borne in mind as we refine this work in future.