Dr Walter Mischel Roundtable

A limited number of spaces have become available at a roundtable with renowned psychologist, Dr Walter Mischel, famous for the ‘Marshmallow Test’. This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the implications of his research on self-control for healthy development in childhood and adolescence. A response will be made by David Willetts MP – former Minister of State for Universities and Science.

Dr. Walter Mischel is a notable American psychologist specialising in personality theory and social psychology. He is the Robert Johnston Niven Professor of Humane Letters in the Department of Psychology at Columbia University and was elected president of the Association for Psychological Sciences in 2007. Mischel has received a number of awards, including the 2011 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Psychology for his research on self-control.

In the late 1960s, Mischel began his breakthrough studies on delayed gratification – the ability to abstain from instant but less-desirable outcomes in favour of deferred but more-desirable outcomes. This now well-known research demonstrated that self-control can not only be learned, but can also act as a ‘buffer’ against vulnerabilities that may arise in later life. Mischel concluded that this implies self-control is key to personal and academic success.


Event Details

07 October 2014

15:30 - 17:00
Local Government House
Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HZ