Our strategy, 2018–2023

Since our establishment as an independent charity in 2013, the Early Intervention Foundation has championed and supported the vital role that effective early intervention plays within our public services and society more broadly. And as a member of the government’s What Works Network, EIF has a key role to play in communicating ‘what works’ in a way that is robust and transparent in its use of evidence.

Over the past five years, EIF has built the foundations of a well-regarded and reputable independent organisation, undertaken major studies into key areas of early intervention, and established a valuable body of research and resources. At the same time, a lot has changed in the context in which early intervention is delivered. EIF must continue to learn and adapt, to remain relevant, influential and useful.

Our new strategy, 2018–2023, takes EIF through the second five years of its life. It reflects what we have learned in our own early years, and underlines why so many people continue to work so hard to make effective early intervention a cornerstone of our public services and our society’s approach to supporting children and young people.