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21 April 2017

Stephanie Waddell looks ahead to the EIF national conference, and how it supports the police's emerging role as "increasingly influential public service leaders".

18 April 2017

As EIF prepares for its national conference in May, Tom McBride reflects on the need for a serious answer to an apparently straightforward question, "does evidence really matter?"

4 April 2017

Ben Lewing recaps the key themes and topics from the second meeting of the EIF Places Network.

4 April 2017

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) welcomes the government’s fresh focus on evidence-based family support interventions, as set out in the paper published today by DWP. 'Improving lives: Helping workless families' highlights the importance of evidence-based interventions designed to address the multiple and overlapping disadvantages experienced by workless families and the significantly poorer outcomes faced by their children. The government has taken the welcome and essential step of embedding this fresh focus on evidence-based interventions into plans for the next phase of the Troubled Families programme.

9 March 2017

Tom McBride on poverty, child behaviour and school attainment: "The link between poverty and poor educational outcomes is well established. What is crucial is to understand the mechanisms via which the experience of poverty increases the likelihood of achieving poorly at school – not least because these suggest some ways forward for policymakers who are committed to improving social mobility."

3 March 2017

Stephanie Waddell, on EIF's new partnership with West Yorkshire Police: "This work gives us an opportunity to move beyond the consensus that early intervention is a good thing for the police, towards the next phase – defining exactly what the police role in early intervention looks like."

28 February 2017

Kirsten Asmussen, EIF evidence analyst and co-author of Foundations for Life, answers key questions from professionals about innovation, commissioning decisions and workforce qualifications.

20 February 2017

Carey Oppenheim: "It is with a mixture of sadness and some trepidation that I will be leaving EIF in the summer, once we have a new chief executive in place. Meanwhile, it is business as usual."

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