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30 April 2018

Writing for LGA First magazine, Ben Lewing sets out the benefits and challenges of reducing parental conflict.

10 April 2018

If Government really wants a ‘step change’ in the balance between prevention and enforcement, it needs to start to engage with the evidence base. We were delighted to hear the Home Secretary say yesterday that she would be placing early intervention at the heart of the Government’s approach to ‘serious’ violence. Youth violence is a chronic problem that needs a sustained, strategic and co-ordinated response. Early intervention is a critical part of the solution, but it mustn’t be consigned to words on a page and to yet another small, short term funding pot for a myriad of activities of uncertain impact.

29 March 2018

EIF Director of Evidence Tom McBride outlines how EIF's programme assessment process and online Guidebook of programmes reflects and represents the variation in the evidence-base for high-profile programmes such as Multisystemic Therapy (MST) and Functional Family Therapy (FFT).

28 March 2018

EIF senior economist William Teager presents some findings from our analysis of the new longitudinal Study of Early Education and Development (SEED) data, looking at the relationships between children's development and behaviour outcomes, and the home learning environment, region of the country, family circumstances, and mothers' mental health and education.

22 March 2018

Honor Rhodes: "Relationship quality matters – or it should do – to everyone in the array of services that we turn to when we are distressed."

22 March 2018

Richard Meier: "Addressing parental conflict requires a grown-up response from policy-makers and commissioners to acknowledge that we will achieve the best outcomes for everyone through approaches which are designed to improve the lot of both children and adults."

21 March 2018

EIF chief executive Jo Casebourne reports back from the Early Intervention Symposium, at which the Duchess of Cambridge delivered a rousing call for early intervention to safeguard the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of children.

26 January 2018

Stephanie Waddell reviews EIF's recent roundtable on the state of social and emotional learning (SEL) in UK schools, including the key questions schools are seeking to answer, and how these questions will shape our ongoing work in this area.

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