The Future of the EIF Guidebook

11 July 2016

This year EIF has begun to rate EI programmes in house for the first time. Our “Foundations for Life: What Works to Support Parent Child Interaction in the Early Years” and “What Works to Enhance Inter-Parental Relationships and Improve Outcomes for Children” reports include ratings made by EIF rather than those of other clearinghouses as have been used in our existing Guidebook Library of Programmes. It also communicates our ratings and our standards of evidence in a different manner to better reflect the nature of the evidence, though the criteria by which we assess programmes has not changed

We want the EIF Guidebook to be more of a live resource which indicates the best available assessment of the evidence of the effectiveness of Early Intervention programmes. We will be updating it in the coming months to include programmes from the “Foundations for Life” report whose evidence base has been rated as meeting levels 3 and 4.

During the course of 2016/17 we will be moving towards a new version of the Guidebook, updating the contents of the Programme Library to reflect EIF ratings as well as those of other clearing houses. We will also move to a wider range of functionalities and capabilities.