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Annual report

The annual report provides a valuable opportunity to stop, look back, and consider the progress that we've made towards achieving our goal of ensuring that effective early intervention is available and is used to improve the lives of children and young people at risk of poor outcomes.

EIF annual report, 2021/22



EIF’s annual report for 2021/22 was published in August 2022.

  • Chair’s message
  • Chief Executive’s message
  • Understanding our impact
  • 2021/22: The year in review
  • Safeguarding young people’s mental wellbeing: what works in secondary schools
  • SpeakOut: understanding the experiences of ethnic minority families and young people seeking support
  • Looking ahead to 2022/23
  • Managing our resources
  • Financial statements

EIF first published a full annual report in 2018.

For financial accounts since 2013/14, please see ‘How are we funded’.