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Our connections with policy-makers, leaders, services and practitioners across the country are an invaluable part of our work. Check back to see how you can be directly involved in our research or other projects.

After hearing from minority ethnic families and young people about experiences seeking or receiving support for their family, we are keen to hear from local areas how they support minority ethnic children and families. We will use this information to make actionable recommendations that enable local areas across the country to improve service accessibility, experience and outcomes for minority ethnic families.

We would be very grateful if you could complete a questionnaire to tell us about the work your local area is undertaking to ensure local family support works for minority ethnic families. We are also looking for a small number of local areas who would be interested in working with us in improving practice and developing guidance for local areas across the country.

Completing this questionnaire and participating in the development of the guidance report can inform next steps in your area as well as help other local areas in their strategic planning.

Enter your email address below to have a copy of the survey delivered to your inbox. The questionnaire includes 10 questions on your current practices and five about your area.

The deadline to complete this survey is Friday 9 September 2022.

If you want to learn more about this project or want to discuss ways to get involved, please email

What have you learned about effective ways to reduce parental conflict and improve outcomes for children?

We are collecting examples of how local areas are introducing change, adapting their strategies and changing the way they work. Now that the national Reducing Parental Conflict Programme is underway, we are interested in telling the stories of local places who are innovating, testing and learning about how to improve outcomes for children in their area by tackling damaging conflict between parents.

A selection of practice examples will be considered for sharing via our Reducing Parental Conflict Hub and Reducing Parental Conflict Commissioner Guide.

Read the stories we've published already

Submit your practice examples via our online form

This form needs to be completed in one visit – we’ve listed the questions below, so that you can prepare before you start. If you would like a personalised link to the form, so that you can come and go as many times as you need to before submitting it, please email

You may submit details about something that you have done already, or something that you have plans in place to do.

The questions in the form ask about:

  • the problem you are trying to address
  • how you know this is a problem
  • the solution you are introducing
  • whether this solution is rooted in evidence
  • what steps are involved in implementing this solution
  • your intended results
  • how you are measuring progress against these outcomes.