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Our connections with policy-makers, leaders, services and practitioners across the country is an invaluable part of our work. Check back to see how you can be directly involved in our research or other projects.

The Early Years Transformation Academy will provide an intensive and structured learning programme to a small cluster of local areas over a 12–18 month period, focusing on how the local leaders of maternity and early years services work together as a team. It will help these teams to explore and understand the evidence for identifying need and providing support to vulnerable families. It will use implementation science on system planning and implementation. And it will share the learning journey with a wider audience using a new online hub, a bit like our Reducing Parental Conflict Hub.

Is your area working on transforming the local system for maternity and early years support? We’ll need local partners to co-create the academy with us. This could be anything from advising on the design of the programme to ensure it is built around local needs; helping with the design and content of the learning materials; or, in due course, participating in the academy itself, either through the intensive learning programme or the online hub. Or maybe you are just interested in being kept in the loop as we test and learn. Let us know via

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Our networks bring together leaders, decision-makers, commissioners and practitioners from across the country to share their experiences, hear from experts on a range of topics, and foster the working relationships that are so vital to sustaining a healthy early intervention sector.