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Reflections on early intervention and the police leadership academy


29 Sep 2015

I was really pleased to be selected to join a select group of representatives from nineteen forces across the country in the Early Intervention Police Leadership Academy. The launch event made it clear that there is high level of wide ranging support and interest in our work which was encouraging and daunting in equal measure.

What is clear is that, if we are to continue to the crime reductions that we have enjoyed in recent years, in the context of significantly reducing resources and new challenges such as child sexual exploitation and cyber-crime, then we need to start to think and operate differently.

So what’s early intervention for me? Well, I was born and bred in Grimsby. When I transferred back to Humberside after starting my first four years in another force, I found that the people I was arresting and dealing with, who I already knew, were the kids I was a bit frightened of at school when I was 5. I later saw their children entering the criminal justice system. By the time I retire in a few years, there’s a real danger that I’ll see the third generation sitting in a police cell.

We all know that there is a relatively small cohort of people who the police regularly deal with. When you start to look at other agencies, the overlaps are enormous.

The masterclass delivered by DCC Andy Rhodes was a great way to start. It was hugely informative and enjoyable and really energised me to want to move an agenda forward that we have spoken about nationally for years but only really taken baby steps towards implementing the full potential it presents. I don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge as the reactive stuff does not go away. But it is more important than ever that we build on what we have developed in recent years to properly join up our partnership activity, embrace the opportunities and deliver what is proven to be effective in the long term.