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Image of David Simmonds

David Simmonds CBE

A graduate of Durham University, David Simmonds’ professional background is in financial services, where he worked for several high street banks after qualifying with the Chartered Institute of Insurers in 1997. Elected a councillor in 1998, he has served as a committee chairman and Cabinet Member with responsibilities including planning, housing, social services, and education and children’s services.

David is a member of the Local Government Association (LGA) Executive and is currently Chairman of the LGA’s Children and Young People Board which oversees the Association’s activity on the wellbeing of children and young people, including education, social care and careers.  

He is Vice Chairman of the National Employer’s Organisation for Schoolteachers and since 2010, an active member of the Committee of the Regions and Chairman of the European Federation of Education Employers. He is Treasurer of the Conservative Councillors’ Association, and serves as an associate non-executive director in his local NHS and as a magistrate in the London Borough of Brent.