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Image of Natasha Mokhtar

Dr Natasha Mokhtar

Evaluation Officer, Youth Endowment Fund

Natasha joined EIF and the Youth Endowment Fund from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, where she worked as a research officer, managing the day-to-day running of commissioned research projects and conducting literature reviews.

Prior to this, Natasha was working on her PhD, which examined the key factors associated with why young people reoffend and the implications for youth offending team practice, and which used a combination of both interviews and a case-file analysis of young people involved in offending. 

Natasha has previously worked for Dartington Social Research Unit working to improve outcomes for children. As part of that role, she was the trial coordinator for a randomised control trial on a social care intervention, and was involved in assessing the quality of evaluations based on the Blueprints Model for Healthy Youth Development. Natasha holds a BSc and MSc in forensic psychology from University of Portsmouth.