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Working paper

A deep dive into social and emotional learning: What do the views of those involved tell us about the challenges for policy-makers?


11 Mar 2015

This report seeks to understand the issues underpinning the delivery of social and emotional learning, such as what helps and hinders schools in developing children and young people’s social and emotional skills in the context of schools’ other demands and priorities.

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Through interviewing a range of policy-makers, practitioners and children and young people, this research sets out to identify:

  • What are the key issues affecting how social and emotional skills are developed in school and out-of-school settings?
  • What are the challenges policy-makers need to consider in order to strengthen social and emotional learning provision?

The research did not seek to define social and emotional learning or to measure the effectiveness of provision, but to inform any policy development by providing an understanding of the issues driving delivery both in and out of school.

Funded by the Early Intervention Foundation, the Cabinet Office and the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission as part of a joint review of ‘Social and emotional learning: Skills for life and work’.