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Case study

Pioneering places: Haringey & EIF


25 Sep 2015

From 2013, EIF worked with a network of 20 Pioneering Places, which provided an opportunity to learn and test how EIF might make the biggest difference to the business of delivering early intervention on the ground in local areas around England.

EIF worked with Haringey between October 2014 – July 2015 as part of a Public Health England contract to support the 10 Big Lottery A Better Start shortlisted applicants who were not funded to sustain their journey in transforming early years services.

EIF support & advice

  • EIF introduced a theory of change planning tool to support the development of Haringey’s early years strategy, and led a workshop with an early years partnership stakeholder group.
  • EIF provided advice on applying an early years self-assessment to identify system change priorities.
  • EIF involved Haringey in opportunities to network with other sites and learn from their experience.
  • EIF worked with public health, CCG and children’s services commissioners to develop an action plan to implement universal components of the Healthy Child Programme.


“Having input from EIF allowed us head space and thinking time to plan our significant work programme around implementation of the universal healthy child programme. I found it very helpful to talk through our challenges and Ben’s calm and helpful approach made it seem less daunting – although is still very challenging!”
Sheena Carr