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Case study

Pioneering places: Luton & EIF


25 Sep 2015

From 2013, EIF worked with a network of 20 Pioneering Places, which provided an opportunity to learn and test how EIF might make the biggest difference to the business of delivering early intervention on the ground in local areas around England.

EIF worked with ‘Flying Start’ Luton between October 2014 and July 2015 as part of a Public Health England contract to support the ten Big Lottery ‘A Better Start’ shortlisted applicants who were not funded to sustain their journey in transforming early years services.

EIF support & advice

  • EIF worked with Luton to develop a theory of change to support their strategy and delivery plan.
  • EIF provided advice on outcomes tools and the benefits of using standardised tools which are valid and reliable; as opposed to tools which are simple, flexible and provide a good structure for a conversation with a family.
  • EIF involved Luton in opportunities to network with other sites and learn from their experience.
  • EIF completed a benchmarking analysis which measured Luton’s performance indicators against a virtual, identical comparator.


“We have as a team here in Luton benefitted from the support provided (by EIF) over the last few months. The workshop we held on the Theory of Change was helpful and EIF’s insight and challenge has been of value. When working on such a major project is it useful to have the skills and knowledge of an external partner to bring insight.”