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Preventing gang involvement and youth violence: Advice for commissioning mentoring programmes


28 Jan 2015

This guidance is intended to be a practical resource and implementation tool for local statutory commissioners. It supplements a range of broader guidance on mentoring, and has a focus on preventing gang involvement and youth violence.

Advice for commissioning mentoring programmes



Published by EIF in collaboration with the Home Office, this guidance includes a practical pull-out checklist of questions to ask of potential mentoring providers, and things to watch out for. It advises those commissioning mentoring provision to be clear about who the mentoring is targeted at and what the intended outcomes are, to make sure that recruitment processes for mentors are robust and the right supervision is provided, and to monitor delivery and impact. It also advises that mentoring may only ever be part of the answer, and may need to be delivered alongside a wider package of preventative interventions.

About the author

Stephanie Waddell

Steph is assistant director for impact and knowledge mobilisation at EIF.