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What is the EIF Guidebook?


21 Feb 2019

This leaflet provides a quick and easy introduction to the EIF Guidebook, a key resource for early intervention commissioners and service leaders. What information does the Guidebook provide about early intervention programmes, and how should this evidence be incorporated into your decision-making?




The EIF Guidebook is a fully searchable online database which provides a wealth of information about over 100 early intervention programmes that have been shown to improve child outcomes. 

To help you make the decisions that impact upon the lives of children and young people in your area, the Guidebook helps you to answer questions like:

  • Is there evidence that this programme has achieved positive outcomes for children and young people?
  • How strong is that evidence? How confident can we be that these positive outcomes are real and more likely to be replicated as a result?
  • What specific child outcomes has it been shown to achieve in the past?
  • What does it cost, compared to other programmes?
  • What else do I need to know about how it works and how it should be implemented?