Answering the House of Commons’ call for evidence on early intervention

12 December 2017

Tom McBride is director of evidence at EIF.

The House of Commons’ science and technology select committee is running an inquiry into early intervention, specifically “the strength of the evidence linking adverse childhood experiences with long-term negative outcomes, the evidence base for related interventions, whether evidence is being used effectively in policy-making, and the support and oversight for research into this area.”

This inquiry is a welcome step: the select committee will be able to bring together evidence from across the sector and present this back to Parliament to help build support for vital new policies and initiatives. The inquiry is also very timely: we know that the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) approach is an increasingly prominent part of the early intervention landscape, and so now is the right moment to reflect on what we know about this body of research and how it should be applied – and, just as importantly, how it should not.

  • Download: EIF’s submission to the select committee