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Consultant paediatrician Dr Jide Menakaya to join the Early Intervention Foundation board of trustees


20 May 2021

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) has announced consultant paediatrician Dr Jide Menakaya will be joining as a trustee.

Dr Jide Menakaya, a consultant paediatrician, will join the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) as a trustee this month. He has huge experience in the assessment and management of most general conditions that affect children. In addition, he has particular expertise in disorders that affect newborn babies and their ongoing care in the first few years of life. He is well versed in general paediatric and specialist neonatal clinical care, and is an instructor in neonatal life support and a provider of advanced paediatric life support with the Resuscitation Council UK. He is also a Fellow in Quality Improvement in Healthcare with the National Institute for Health Research UK.

Jide has a passion for promoting the health of all children. He works with children and their families in a holistic way to ensure that they return to full health as quickly as possible. He specialises in all aspects of general paediatric illness and care of the newborn baby, including care of the premature baby, infant growth and nutrition, immunisations, and neonatal and paediatric emergency care.

Prof Nick Pearce, chair of EIF trustees, said: “We’re delighted to have Jide join the board of trustees. He brings valuable experience and expertise to help EIF deliver its strategy. We particularly welcome his experience as a paediatrician in the NHS, his track record of innovation in children’s health services, and his passion and commitment to improving children’s health. He’ll no doubt be a huge addition to EIF.”

Commenting on joining EIF, Dr Menakaya said: “I am delighted to be appointed to the board of EIF. As a neonatal paediatrician practising in one of the largest integrated care systems in the United Kingdom, I intend to bring my expertise and experience to enhance the impactful research and policy influence of EIF on improving long-term outcomes for children who use the National Health Service.”

Dr Menakaya joins the EIF board on the 24 May 2021.

About the contributors

Prof Nick Pearce

Nick is chair of trustees at EIF.

Dr Jide Menakaya

Jide is a trustee of EIF.

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