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Image of Jide Menakaya

Dr Jide Menakaya

Dr Jide Menakaya is a consultant paediatrician with extensive experience in the assessment and management of most illnesses that affect children. Jide has particular expertise in disorders that affect new-born babies and children in the first few years of life.

Jide is well versed in general paediatric diseases, is an instructor in neonatal life support, and a provider of advanced paediatric life support with the Resuscitation Council UK. With qualifications in medical education and quality improvement in healthcare, he has championed numerous courses for healthcare professionals in the UK and overseas, published research studies on children and young people, and implemented several innovative clinical services for children in and outside the health service.

Jide has a passion for promoting the health of all children. He works with children and their families in a holistic way to ensure that they return to full health as quickly as possible.