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EIF report

How Australia can invest in children and return more

This analysis of the costs of ‘late intervention’ in Australia highlights the potential of effective early intervention to reduce the impact of social and developmental problems on individuals, families and communities.






The report is based on new analysis of Australian federal and state government spending led by EIF. It was originally published by a consortium of Australian philanthropic, business and research organisations, including CoLab (Collaborate for Kids, a partnership between Telethon Kids Institute and the Minderoo Foundation), The Front Project and Woodside Energy.

EIF has previously published analyses of the cost of late intervention in England and Wales (in 2016) and Northern Ireland (2018). The methods used in those UK reports were adapted for the Australian context, to take account of important differences in the political and fiscal systems of the two countries. 

About the author

William Teager

Will is head of quantitative analysis for the Youth Endowment Fund.