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Developing a relationship support pathway for families: A support pathway model

This tool is designed to help you to develop a relationship support pathway for families in your local area, with the goal of reducing the impact of harmful conflict between parents on children.

Support pathway



The starting point for a support pathway is a map of existing services across the continuum of needs in the local area. In this case, these services are then set in the context of RPC, referring to the needs assessment to determine whose needs are to be met and at what level of support.

Ultimately, this is about commissioning services and interventions that fit together to create a pathway of support that will comprehensively prevent and address parental conflict and the impact it has on children in your area.

Diagram of a typical support pathway model

Beta version
This beta version of our support pathway model tool will be tested and adapted through our work with local areas. We would welcome any feedback on the content or structure of the tool – let us know what you think by emailing

About the contributors

Sue Chapman

Sue is a local development adviser at EIF.

Ben Lewing

Ben is assistant director, policy & practice, at EIF.