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EIF webinar: Engaging disadvantaged families in parenting and parental conflict programmes


18 Mar 2019

This webinar provides an opportunity for local representatives and programme providers from each Contract Package Area delivering the national Reducing Parental Conflict programme, to gain insight into EIF’s evidence review on engaging disadvantaged and vulnerable families.

One of the key requirements for early intervention to be effective is to ensure programmes and services reach the people who need them most. There are a range of reasons why some families can be hard to engage, and to keep engaged.

The objective of this session was to share the key findings and recommendations of the review, followed by a structured panel discussion on how the evidence could be applied to the practical planning and delivery of the programme. 

Panellists: Ben Lewing, assistant director for policy and practice, EIF; Ines Pote, senior research officer, EIF; Patrick Myers, senior ambassador, Reducing Parental Conflict team, DWP; Jenny Ballantyne, head of the Family Policy team, DWP.

About the contributor

Ben Lewing

Ben is assistant director, policy & practice, at EIF.