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Reducing parental conflict: Outcomes framework

This outcomes framework outlines the relationships between risk factors associated with harmful conflict between parents, and a range of outcomes from exposure to interparental conflict affecting children at all ages.




This outcomes framework highlights what risk factors can influence interparental conflict and, ultimately, affect child outcomes. The risk factors fall into three categories – relating to individual parents, the parental relationship, and the family or economic circumstances – which in turn are associated with the central risk, of children being exposed to harmful conflict between parents. The outcomes fall into four categories: social & emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioural. 

As well as the framework diagram itself, the document includes a summary of the evidence underpinning the framework, and a review of the symptoms and measurement tools which might be used to assess the impact of interparental conflict.

This is a revised version of the first outcomes framework which was published in March 2019. You can read more about the updated framework in a blog by framework contributor Dr Virginia Ghiara.

About the contributors

Miriam Sorgenfrei

Miriam is a senior research officer at EIF.

Ben Lewing

Ben is assistant director, policy & practice, at EIF.