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Reducing Parental Conflict Planning Tool


17 Oct 2018

This is a self-assessment planning tool to support local authorities and their partners to deliver a system-wide approach to reducing the negative impact of conflict between parents on their children.

Planning Tool



Reducing parental conflict is a complex issue which requires a system-wide approach. This self-assessment tool is designed to support local leaders and commissioners to identify local system strengths and areas for development, and to monitor progress over time.

In this document you will find:

  • A brief overview of the evidence on parental conflict, and link to further information.
  • An introduction to using a systemic approach to reduce the impact of parental conflict on children.
  • Descriptors for 10 key elements which make up a reducing parental conflict system.
  • A recording sheet, stakeholders introduction sheet, and single page summary of the tool.

The Planning Tool is one of a suite of early intervention matrices developed by the Early Intervention Foundation and is produced in partnership with HM Government as part of the national Reducing Parental Conflict Programme. The design draws on work by the Good Governance Institute, EIF’s ‘Pioneering Places’ and the Department for Work & Pension’s Local Family Offer sites.

Running a stakeholder workshop

One way you could consider using this tool is by holding a multi-agency stakeholder workshop in your area. The workshop is a way to bring together your key stakeholders to consider your area's current position on tackling parental conflict, understand local progress and identify priorities for action. You should involve a wide set of stakeholders in this workshop and consider running it for a full-day (download a half-day or full-day workshop agenda template).

About the contributors

Ben Lewing

Ben is assistant director, policy & practice, at EIF.

Dr Inês Pote

Inês is a senior research officer at EIF.