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Case study

Taking action and reviewing impact: Durham constabulary


13 Aug 2015

A local PCSO in Durham Constabulary became aware of a youth in his community who was becoming involved in Anti-Social Behaviour.  The young person was often observed to be with a group of older youths and as such was building a negative reputation for himself in the local community. Through discussions with the young person the PCSO established that he and his family had additional needs which were impacting on his emotional wellbeing and his school attendance.

The young person disclosed a recent family bereavement. The PCSO established that the young person lived at home with one younger sibling and his mother who was reported to be depressed also as results of recent bereavement. A positive relationship with the young person was established and the PCSO was then able to approach the family to offer additional support and help. A ‘Team around the Family’ was established, where appropriate agencies and the family shared information so a full and clear picture of the family’s needs were identified, understood and a multi –agency Care Plan put in place. 

As a result the young person, his mother and sibling began accessing bereavement counselling, the school nurse supported his access to appropriate health appointments and a grant was accessed to support the family to purchase new school uniforms as the family finances were challenging and it was an issue for the young person and a further reason that his school attendance was low. The PCSO and the Local Authority Youth Worker supported the young person to access local Youth Club. As a result of this intervention the young person has not been involved in any further Anti-Social Behaviour and his school attendance is now above 90%.

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