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Early Intervention Foundation appoints three new trustees: Reshard Auladin, Kelly Beaver & Sally Burlington

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) has appointed three new trustees to its board: Reshard Auladin, Kelly Beaver and Sally Burlington.

  • Reshard Auladin has a background in the criminal justice, law enforcement, mental health and charity sectors. A magistrate for over 30 years, Reshard is a non-executive director on the board of the National Crime Agency and a member of the joint audit panel of the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the Metropolitan Police. He is a trustee of the Bell Foundation, an education charity, and runs a business in the mental health care sector.
  • Kelly Beaver is managing director of Ipsos MORI Public Affairs. Kelly joined Ipsos MORI in 2011 following on from her roles at PwC, within the Research, Strategy and Policy Group, and The Evaluation Partnership (subsequently Coffey International Development). Kelly is senior research fellow at Kings Policy Institute and a board member for the Campaign for Social Sciences in the UK, and previously a director of the UK Evaluation Society.
  • Sally Burlington is head of policy at the Local Government Association (LGA). Sally has had a wide-ranging career in policy and strategy development in the civil service and local government, including in HM Treasury, the Deputy Prime Minister’s Social Exclusion Unit, Sir Michael Lyons' review of local government funding, and the Department for Education. In her spare time, she jointly runs a Sunday drop-in for the homeless in Croydon.

Dame Clare Tickell, EIF chair of trustees, says:

“We are delighted to welcome Kelly, Reshard and Sally to the EIF board. Between them, they bring a formidable range of professional experience and subject expertise, alongside a firm grasp of the vital importance of early intervention. As EIF continues to grow and mature, having just marked its sixth birthday, it is great to be able to add new perspectives and skills to our team.”

Reshard Auladin, EIF trustee, says:

"I am very pleased to be joining the Early Intervention Foundation as a trustee. Over the years I have seen the positive impact of early intervention on the lives of children and young people, and now more than ever, its role is becoming critical in our society. I am looking forward to working with a dedicated team of people who are doing much to help young people fulfil their potential."

Kelly Beaver, EIF trustee, says:

"I’m delighted to take up the role of trustee with the Early Intervention Foundation. As someone who has worked in the ‘industry of evidence production’ throughout my career, I look forward to actively supporting EIF in its ever-important mission: to champion the effective and timely use of evidence in changing the system to better support early intervention and improve outcomes for children and young people."

Sally Burlington, EIF trustee, says:

"I am delighted to have been appointed as a trustee of the Early Intervention Foundation. It will enable me to support EIF’s work in promoting the most effective ways to transform the life chances of children and young people, bringing together my experience of local and central government policy, and my longstanding personal commitment to effective early intervention."

The appointments are effective from 22 July 2019.




  • The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) is an independent charity that champions and supports the use of effective early intervention to improve the lives of children and young people at risk of experiencing negative outcomes. For more information, see:
  • The EIF report Realising the potential of early intervention outlines the key barriers to be overcome and changes to be made at national and local level, to ensure effective early intervention is available for the children and families who need it most. Available at:

About the contributors

Reshard Auladin

Reshard Auladin is a trustee of EIF.

Kelly Beaver MBE

Kelly Beaver is a trustee of EIF.

Sally Burlington

Sally Burlington is a trustee of EIF.

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