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EIF webinars: Healthy Relationships Week 2020


23 Oct 2020

All three webinars from our Healthy Relationships Week, 20-22 October 2020, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for reducing parental conflict through local services, with a particular focus on the Covid-19 period.

Webinar 1: Parental relationships: Embracing change in a Covid-19 world

Originally broadcast on Tuesday 20 October. Including presentations from:

  • Judith Moore, county parenting coordinator, Suffolk
    Embracing change in Suffolk: how self-referrals are paving the way for a new culture where parents are more confident in asking for support 

  • Candi Lawson, strategic commissioning manager, Sheffield
    Embracing change in Sheffield: how partnerships are changing and what this means for reducing parental conflict 

  • Penny Mansfield, director, OnePlusOne:
    Embracing change in OnePlusOne: adapting delivery to work online

  • Plus webinar participants report back on their breakout discussions.

Webinar 2: Making healthy relationships part of everyday services

Originally broadcast on Wednesday 21 October. Including presentations from:

  • Karen Murray, chief inspector, Northumbria; and Gavin Bradshaw, service manager for early help, Gateshead:
    Embedding reducing parental conflict into Northumbria police’s work: practical ways to make reducing parental conflict part of everyday business and engage senior leaders 

  • Martha Nyman and Elizabeth Mensah, couple therapists, Hackney:
    Taking a mental health approach to relationships in Hackney: embedding a focus on parental conflict in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

  • Caroline Ward, project coordinator Happy Families, Happy Futures, Devon: 
    Taking an operational approach to relationships in Devon: helping local partners integrate an RPC focus into existing universal interventions

  • Plus webinar participants report back on their breakout discussions.

Webinar 3: Supporting parenting when separated

Originally broadcast on Thursday 22 October. Including presentations from:

  • Kate Williams, delivery manager, Relate:
    How an intervention provider is helping local authorities to support separating and separated families 

  • Honor Rhodes, director of strategic development, Tavistock Relationships: 
    A family perspective on the personal obstacles experienced during separation, and how support can improve communications and child outcomes  

  • An intervention provider perspective on supporting separated parents in a Covid-19 world  

  • Plus webinar participants report back on their breakout discussions.

About the contributor

Ben Lewing

Ben is assistant director, policy & practice, at EIF.